What is Martyn’s Law?

The Terrorism Protection of Premises Bill, also known as "Martyn's Law," is expected to become law by 2024. 

The bill was created in response to the Manchester Arena Inquiry's findings and aimed to minimise the risk of terrorism for the public by protecting public venues. By implementing this bill, national security and personal safety will be enhanced.

Who Will Martyn’s Law Apply to? 

Places that this law can apply to include music venues, tourist attractions, racecourses, festivals, healthcare, education, theme parks, sports stadiums and many more. 

Education Building


Festival Stage


Hospital Building


Themepark Rollercoaster


Event Stadium




Theater Stage


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What does this mean?

Martyn’s Law will improve protective security and organisational preparedness across the UK by mandating, for the first time, those responsible for certain premises and events to consider the terrorist risk and how they would respond to an attack.

The bill will place a requirement on those responsible for certain locations to consider the threat of terrorism. It will require them to put measures in place to mitigate the threat, including implementing security systems, staff training, and clearer processes.  

There will be different requirements depending on capacity;

  • Locations which can host between 100 to 799 people will need to follow ‘Standard Tier’ regulations. They will need to complete a templated Emergency Action Plan provided by the Home Office and put appropriate and proportional measures in place based on this assessment. 
  • For locations with a capacity above 800, ‘Enhanced Tier’ rules will apply. This will require more detailed risk assessments, security planning and staff training - and a proportional response which will be articulated in the legislation. 

Sanctions will range from a fine or permanent closure of the location to prosecution.

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*Please note that the information provided about Martyn’s Law can be accessed on GOV.UK is subject to change, and it is recommended that you conduct your research for the latest updates. This information is correct at the time of publication.

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