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With our innovative range of products, tailored to suit your unique requirements, you can ensure unparalleled site security

Our new, completely off grid, battery powered 900Site Secure product range offers you a rapidly deployed security solution that can be tailored to resolve any issue on site. With complete control in your hands, the 900Site Secure Hub seamlessly manages a multitude of devices through a user-friendly software management app, allowing you to take charge of your site like never before.

900Site Secure Motion Camera on a wall

900Site Secure Motion Camera

The 900Site Secure MotionCam is a wireless, battery powered outdoor motion detector equipped with a built-in photo camera, anti-tamper alerts, and two PIR sensors. Upon detection, a series of animated photos captured by a wide dynamic range camera provide an accurate appraisal of the situation, ensuring precision in assessing the motion alarm.

900Site Secure Siren

Paired with the 900Site Secure Siren, you receive instant notifications for alarm activation, enabling you to take immediate action. Within a fraction of a second, this siren activates a powerful siren and bright LED indicators in response to an alarm signal, ensuring swift and effective response. The battery powered device can last up to 3 years in all weather conditions.

900Site Secure Siren - black box with yellow sticker attached to a wall

900Site Sentry - yellow tower, tapered from the top with four sides

900Site Sentry

The 900Site Sentry is your in-field, rapidly deployable visual deterrent, housing a selection of 900Site Secure devices. With a fortified structure providing comprehensive views from all angles, day and night, this sentry unit is powered by solar power, remaining alert and ready to detect any intruders.

Safeguard your site with the wireless Fire Protect, an advanced detector that monitors heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide. Prevent leaks year-round with the wireless Leak Protect, ensuring constant vigilance against potential water damage. Enhance your overall site security with the versatile 900Site Secure Life Quality Detectors, Door Contacts, Dual Curtains, along with an assortment of other features. Elevate your site security with these exceptional add-ons.

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