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Two Way Radio Hire

Our two way radio hire service is one of the most well established, comprehensive and well maintained fleets of hire radios in the UK and is widely respected in our industry.

We operate a mixed fleet of proven hire radios including analogue, digital, trunked and ATEX approved radios from leading manufacturers such as Motorola, Kenwood and Icom.

Your business, your operations, your event and your clients will depend on the radio hire service you procure.

At Ninehundred Communications we provide much more than the hire of two way radios. We have the capability to ensure the availability of well maintained hire radios and radio equipment, efficient collection and delivery capability, technical support, on-site services and importantly, dedicated customer services. Our experience gained from over 30 years of hiring radios has allowed us to develop a service that can be as simple or as complicated as required and managed by a knowledgeable team of hire specialists.

Our installation engineers often attend site, particularly at events to ensure optimum coverage and system performance. They have the knowledge, skills and equipment on their vehicles to increase coverage into difficult to reach areas.

When you hire two way radios your requirements will vary. Typical services we provide include:

  • Coverage surveys - if deemed necessary this ensures good quality signal strength as well as finding problem areas which may need the support of additional infrastructure.
  • Frequency Managment - We will programme your two way radios to a configuration which best suits your needs. We will also ensure that the equipment you hire from us and the frequencies you use comply with regulations set by Ofcom.
  • System Configuration - Our hire fleet is also equipped with digital and analogue radio trunking systems providing functionality including individual, group and all call facilities which will be programmed to your needs. We can also offer two way radio voice recording if required.
  • Accessories - We have a range of accessories and ancilliary equipment available for hire with our radios.
  • Installation and De-Installation - All our two way radio hire systems and bespoke solutions are installed and de-installed by our own highly experienced engineers if required or requested.
  • On-site Support - If you want to operate a complex or task critical radio system, you may need the help of one of our engineers to remain on site to provide engineering support and also peace of mind. You may just need simple assistance with the allocation and handling, this is something that members of our hire staff will gladly assist with. This service is normally applicable where two way radio hire is required for short term large scale events.
  • Engineering Support - While you have two way radio equipment on hire with us our engineers will provide telephone support having pre configured your equipment before despatch or on site if this is what you require.
  • Labels - We here at Ninehundred can also provide a labelling service, we can mark your hired radios with stickers and can either name or number each radio so you can distribute easily.
  • Barcode Scanning - Particularly useful for large events and projects this facility can significantly reduce losses through "accountable allocation" we are able to provide a simplistic solution for logging your radios to and from on-site personnel. This can be provided on site as a hire solution or in addition we can provide our own staff to operate this system for the duration of your event.

Radio Hire Solutions for all applications

Our radios are hired for use across a wide range of applications and operating environments.  We have dedicated radio hire specialists, particularly for the construction and events sectors. If you are considering the hire of two way radios, please get in touch - we will be happy to help or provide a quotation.

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